An Ongoing Project

Health Resources Availability Monitoring Systems (HeRAMS) Project - Mindanao

Funding Agency

World Health Organization


Department of Health - Health Emergency Management Bureau (HEMB)

Kind of Service

Project Implementation, Training and Data Collection

Project Description

Technical Assistance to Support the Implementation of Health Resources Availability Monitoring Systems (HeRAMS) in Mindanao during COVID-19 Response

The Health Resources and Services Availability Monitoring System (HeRAMS) is an online platform that aims to provide decision-makers and health sector actors with critical and up-to-date information on the availability of essential health resources and services at the different levels of the health system. It promotes standardization across the health sector response from both a resource- and a policy- point of view, and contributes towards improving intra- and intersectoral collaboration. Dubbed as a “surveillance system of health systems”, it has been successfully deployed in developing countries such as Yemen. The overall goal of the project is to activate HeRAMS as part of the COVID-19 response in Mindanao, Philippines to support the monitoring of health resources and services and ensure their continuity throughout health emergencies such as the pandemic.

From November 2020 to August 2021, FETPAFI is tasked to build and strengthen the capacity of the rural health units (RHUs) and hospitals and infirmaries (HAIs) in the six regions comprising Mindanao in monitoring health resources and services availability through the HeRAMS platform and to establish HeRAMS baseline data from the trained RHUs and HAIs.

For more information about the HeRAMS Platform, you may visit the official website: